Ph.D. Studies

Title Organizers
Laser photoacoustic spectrometry and its application to simulation of air pollution in a wind tunnel.
Dynamics and structure of small ionic clusters studied with high resolution IR spectroscopy.
Construction of an ultra-fast MID-IR and IR laser diode spectrometer based on nonlinear optical effects.
Photochemistry in a matrix of noble gases. Chemical dynamics of molecules trapped in solid matrices studied with spectroscopic techniques and excimer
Study of new types of superconducting materials using laser ablation technique.
Interaction of porphyrins with biopolymers.
High resolution molecular spectroscopy: hyperfine structure of rotation levels in degenerated vibrational states.
Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy in biological, electrochemical and inorganic-chemical systems.
Solvent relaxation in biomembranes.
Development of catalysts based on metal cations and oxide clusters in zeolitic matrices for reactions of NOx abatement.
MAS NMR spectroscopy of inorganic molecular sieves.
Synthesis of hierarchical zeolites and their catalytic properties