Research Interests of Department of Biophysical Chemistry

Development of new fluorescence methods and their application in the research of structure, functionality and dynamics of biomembranes; single molecule spectroscopy in biological systems, dynamics characterization in model and biomembranes on the picosecond to millisecond time scale; characterisation of DNA condensation processes relevant to gene therapy; advanced in vivo fluorescence microscopy.

Elucidation of the function of biologically active molecules based on their electrochemical reactivity. The interim aims will be the elucidation of (i) creation and stability of monolayers on polarized interfaces and (ii) charge transfer reactions.

Biospectroscopy (presentation video, in Czech - download)

The research directions are:

  • Applications of the solvent relaxation technique in biomembrane and protein research;

  • development and applications of new variants of Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy (z-scan FCS, Lifetimes FCS);

  • tryptophan fluorescence in protein sciences;

  • characterisation of Supported Lipid Bilayers (SLB’s) by ellipsometry, Laser Scanning Microscopy (LSM), and FCS;.

  • function of antibacterial peptides; interaction with SLB’s;

  • DNA condensation and FCS;

  • advanced in vivo imaging.

Department of Biophysical Chemistry

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