Research Interests of Department of Structure and Dynamics in Catalysis

Identification of the structure, properties and dynamic behavior of the nano-structured hierarchical solid materials and elucidation of the relationship to their catalytic activity, by combination of the experimental approach at the atomic or molecular level and mathematic modeling of the systems. For these purposes nano-scale directed synthesis, spectroscopic and diffraction techniques up to in-situ and time-resolved conditions of the reactions are employed.
The main output of the research is focused to the development of the structured catalysts-micro-reactors for highly efficient catalytic processes for environment protection and green chemistry (NO/NO2/N2O abatement, selective oxidation and other transformations of hydrocarbons).

Structure and design of catalytic centers in sub-nanometer scale

Design and synthesis of highly organized micro- and mesoporous metal oxide based materials with implanted/anchored metals, metal ions, organometallic complexes and metal oxide entities for application in redox and acid-base catalysis.

Kinetics and dynamics of chemical processes on nanostructured surfaces

Development of techniques for analysis of solid structures and surface-bound reactive intermediates at ex-situ and in-situ reaction conditions employing transient modes of the processes and theoretical approaches for modeling of the catalyst-structure-reactant systems.

 Department of Structure and Dynamics in Catalysis


Department of Structure-and-Dynamics-in-Catalysis
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Department of Structure-and-Dynamics-in-Catalysis
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Department of Structure and Dynamics in Catalysis

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