Dr. Golam Haider hostem webináře Nano: Explore the world of 2D Materials

Dr. Golam Haider, z Oddělení nízkodimenzionálních systémů, expert v oblasti 2D materiálů, bude hostem speciální části webináře (nano.nature.com), věnovaného 2D materiálům.

Registrovat se můžete zde: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/1102662136356735501?source=Hybris+Marketing+email+-+opt-ins&sap-outbound-id=8C648DD0FCE07211CD636CD60C6CD1832BA6F26D

Další inforrmace:

On Wednesday 22nd July, we'll be running a training webinar about the Nano platform.

Tune in and you'll discover what Nano is and - more importantly - how it can help you to find the information you need for your research. The session will be hosted by our expert Product Manager, Dr Pranoti Kshirsagar, who will use some practical examples to demonstrate the value that Nano provides.    

The webinar will also include a special section focused on the world of 2D materials. This will include a Q&A session with an expert on the subject - Dr Golam Haider, Research Scientist at the J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.

And it's not a problem if you're unavailable on the 22nd July. All registrants will automatically receive a recording of the webinar, regardless of whether or not they've been able to tune in. So it's still worth signing up even if you're not free that day. 


What will the webinar cover?

Nano is the database with the most comprehensive collection of nanomaterial data and literature references in the world. It contains summaries of 310,000+ Nanomaterials, 860,000+ Nanotechnology articles from a wide range of journals, and 24,000,000+ Nanotechnology patents.

This webinar will show:

  • What Nano is and how it can benefit you
  • How to use the Search function to find the information you need
  • How to search for specific Nanomaterials summaries, articles and patents
  • How to use some of the clever features on the platform