Ph.D. Studia

Název Organizátor
Study of new types of superconducting materials using laser ablation technique.
Photochemistry in a matrix of noble gases. Chemical dynamics of molecules trapped in solid matrices studied with spectroscopic techniques and excimer
Construction of an ultra-fast MID-IR and IR laser diode spectrometer based on nonlinear optical effects.
Dynamics and structure of small ionic clusters studied with high resolution IR spectroscopy.
Laser photoacoustic spectrometry and its application to simulation of air pollution in a wind tunnel.
Modification of solid surfaces by ion beams.
Chemical reactions of ions in gaseous phase and in collisions with surfaces.
Quantum chemistry modeling of structure, reactivity, catalytic activity and properties of zeolites.
Development of quantum chemical methods for accurate ab initio calculations.
Interaction of porphyrins with biopolymers.
High resolution molecular spectroscopy: hyperfine structure of rotation levels in degenerated vibrational states.
Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy in biological, electrochemical and inorganic-chemical systems.
Electrochemical properties of supermolecular complexes.
Electrochemical processes in monomolecular layers.
Monomolecular films at the interface of two immiscible electrolyte solutions.
Synthesis and structure characteristics of mesoporous materials.
Permeation and diffusion of atmosphere components (O2,H2O,CO2) through layers of bentonite and other natural sorbents used as barriers in deposits of
Study of sorption and immobilization phenomena in inorganic microporous membranes.
Heterogeneous nucleation of zeolite crystals on non-porous and porous supports and their growth in confined spaces.
Experimental and theoretical study of transport-related structural characteristics of porous supports and supported microporous matrices.
Solvent relaxation in biomembranes.
Development and application of methods for computing the collision cross-section of electron scattering on polyatomic molecules.