Powerful light sources

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Technology Agency CR
Molecular Spectroscopy and Photochemistry.
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Main contractor: CRYTUR, spol. s r.o.

Aim: Construction of absolutely new high performance sources of white and infrared radiation is the main goal of our project. The source will be based on excitation of monocrystalline light converters by high performance LED diodes. Application of monocrystals enables increase power, resistance, robustness and other key parameters of these light sources (such as miniaturization, increase in performance). Monocrystalline materials also enable new arrangement of optics of these high performance sources. This provides higher optical density and new optimization of the light source parameters (chromaticity, efficiency, lifetime, spectral power and range). These new parameters will overcome current solutions and they are not achievable by other technologies applied in state-of-art light sources.

prof. RNDr. Civiš Svatopluk CSc., DSc.

svatopluk.civis at jh-inst.cas.cz
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+420 26605 3275, 3205, 3014