Pulse mode and microwave plasma sources-research and application

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Grant Agency of the Czech Republic
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The aim of the project is to develope, characterize and utilise microwave and pulse-mode low-temperature plasma sources.
We intend to combine experimental and theoretical approaches in order to optimize these sources to their intended applications. We will investigate: sources of precursor ions for analytical techniques including organic mass spectrometry, Selected Ion Flow Tube Mass Spectrometr, SIFT-MS, a supersonic discharge source of intermediate molecular radicals important for atmospheric chemistry, pulsed glow discharge for Fourier Transform Infrared spectrometry studies of radicals, sources for deposition of thin films at reduced and atmospheric pressure, low pressure magnetron and plasma-jet sources driven by DC, RF and microwave power. The constructed plasma sources will be characterized in continuous and pulsed modes of operation using a range of time-resolved diagnostic techniques including Langmuir probe, optical emission spectroscopy, mass-spectrometry and ion flux detection in combination with computer models of plasma processes.

Main contractor: Heyrovský Institute
Other contractors: Charles University in Prague (Faculty of Mathematics and Physics); Institute of Physics of the AS CR; Masaryk University in Brno (Faculty of Science).

prof. RNDr. Španěl Patrik Dr. rer. nat.

patrik.spanel at jh-inst.cas.cz
232, 216
+420 26605 3084, 3239