On-surface synthesis and characterization of multiradical molecules

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Grant Agency of the Czech Republic
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Magnetic carbon based pi-conjugated polyaromatic molecules offer promising platform to design novel spintronic devices. However, their synthesis remains challenging as well as understanding of their magnetic properties is still incomplete. Aim of this project is to explore on- surface synthesis to form novel polyradical polyaromatic hydrocarbons under ultra-high vacuum conditions on metallic surfaces. In particular, we will synthetize polyradical nanographenes and hydrocarbon macrocycles possessing multiple unpaired electrons. Their chemical, magnetic and electronic structure will be investigated by means of scanning probe microscopy combined with ab-initio quantum chemistry methods. We are convinced that this combination will enable us to obtain detailed information about their electronic and magnetic structure. We also plan to develop new experimental and theoretical tools for better characterization of the polyradical molecular systems.

RNDr. Veis Libor Ph.D.

libor.veis at jh-inst.cas.cz
+420 26605 3276