Concept for creation of zeolite based catalysts with enhanced functionality for industrially relevant acid- and redox-catalysed reactions

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Grant Agency of the Czech Republic
Synthesis and Reactivity of Catalytic Materials.
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Acid- and redox-catalysed processes on zeolites constitute key operations for the production of hydrocarbons and for the abatement of industrial and traffic emissions of nitrogen oxides. This research project introduces a concept for zeolite catalysts with significantly increased concentration and functionality of the acid sites (Brønsted OH groups) and ions of transition metals (M/M-oxo, where M = Cu, Co, Fe), as active sites for important catalytic reactions for hydrocarbon processing and emission control, respectively. This project intends to use procedures for the hydrothermal synthesis of the Al-rich *BEA zeolites with a high concentration of Al in the framework for preparation of zeolite-based catalysts with extraordinary high concentration of the active sites for acid-catalysed reactions. The unparalleled ion-exchange capacity of Al-rich *BEA zeolite for M/M-oxo counter-ions with appropriate redox properties will be used for development of catalysts with enhanced specific activities and the concentration of active sites for the reduction of nitrogen oxides.

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