Theoretical and experimental studies on the origin of life

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Current application is intended to serve as a continuation of our ongoing project GACR P208/10/2302, which was dealt with the combined experimental-theoretical investigation of the prebiotic synthesis of nucleobases from formamide in a high-energy-density event, like a meteoritic impact on early Earth atmospheres. Now we will use the same approach to elucidate the plausibility of a similar high-energy chemistry to create simple C2-C12 amphiphiles, which could form the first protocell membranes. In addition, we will address the problem of glycolaldehyde-synthesis over metal-oxides, with the aim to find reaction conditions, which could lead to the accumulation of this key precursor of sugars in the prebiotic soup. Further, based on high-level quantum chemical calculations we plan to provide a theoretical rationale for the conversion of cytidine to uridine in the Sutherland-synthesis, as well as to investigate the prebiotic plausibility of nucleosidephosphorylation in various non-aqueous solvent environments.

RNDr. FERUS Martin Ph.D.

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