Ceramic materials with hierarchical porous structure for membrane separation technologies.

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Membrane technologies become an important alternative to classical ones. All-ceramic membranes are important in high temperature processes. Project was stimulated by a requirement to decrease production costs of hierarchical porous structure of micro- and nano-filtration membranes. A prospective way to decrease these costs is to decrease the number of interlayers in membranes. Nanofiltration layers will be realized on the basis of zeolites Silikalit-1, NaA, NaY a DD3R. The principal project goals are (i) to work out laboratory procedures to prepare ceramic procedures of standard quality with minimum number of interlayers and (ii) laboratory procedures to prepare nanofiltration layers of standard quality on these supports. The authors have ideas how to decrease the number of interlayers. One way is based on using crystallization seeds on the surface of the membrane supports. The main result will be a description of laboratory procedures usable in subsequent industrial research.
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