Combination of SIFT-MS with electrochemical methods for real-time quantification of volatiles released by damaged bacterial and cell cultures

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With the advent of Selected Ion Flow Tube Mass Spectrometry (SIFT-MS) real time analysis of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) is becoming an active research field. SIFT-MS quantification of volatile biomarkers is relevant to microbiology or diagnostics of lung infections from breath. However, due to the complex nature of biochemistry producing VOCs, it is currently not possible to assign a given volatile biomarker to a specific pathogenic organism or metabolic process occurring in vivo. Thus, comprehensive metabolomic investigations of VOCs represent a new challenge to analytical chemistry. Electrochemistry (EC) on the other hand, offers a possibility to construct well-defined metabolic models of chemical changes in oxidation and reduction processes. The proposed research involves coupling of EC control of oxidation processes with SIFT-MS quantification of generated VOCs with the aim of development of a method for the study of dynamic changes in metabolic production of volatile biomarkers in defined mammalian cell and bacterial in vitro models.
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