Coupling of diffusion flows in porous membranes and catalysts as studied by permeation and NMR techniques.

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One of the most important open problems of separation selectivity of microporous membranes is knowledge on the extent and mechanism of diffusion flows coupling in confined spaces of microporous membranes. The same lack of information suffer processes in microporous catalysts. Principal goals of the project are (i) finding of experimental and theoretical procedures to distinguish flow coupling via driving forces on one side and via mutual friction of different species on the other (ii) finding of effective guidelines to predict the effect of mutual friction of the species. (iii) measurement of self-diffusion coefficients of components in gaseous binary mixtures contained in macropores. The goals will be attacked by (i) permeation measurements of binary (and corresponding single component) species using a semi-open and standard Wicke-Kallenbach cell (ii) by NMR method (technique of stimulated echo), (iii) solution of the corresponding mathematical model.
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