Dehydrocoupling reactions catalyzed by titanium complexes

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The present project deals with the reactivity of titanium catalytic systems toward hydrogen-main group element bond (H-E) mainly in silanes (primary, secondary). The catalytic reaction will lead to formation of E-E bond or bonds (formation of dimers, oligomers or polymers) with concomitant releasing H2.Titanium catalytic systems will be generated by treatment of titanium(IV) complexes with different molar ratio of alkylating species. The predominant interest will be focused on the role of stabilizingligands and oxidation state of the active titanium center on the reactivity of proposed catalytic systems and properties of prepared polymers. The effect of chiral ligand (BINOLs) stabilizing titanium center on the stereoregularity of produced polymers will be evaluated.

Mgr. PINKAS Jiří Ph.D.