Development and application of an innovative floating photocatalyst with synergic adsorption function for solar detoxification of water in areas contaminated during the Vietnam War with dioxin

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Technologická agentura ČR
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The goal of the proposed project is to develop a novel floating photocatalyst with synergic adsorption function applicable for solar photocatalytic detoxication of surface waters contaminated by nonpolar organic pollutants. It should be cheap and easily manufactured on an industrial scale. Within the proposed project, its pilot testing is planned under the real conditions of contaminated countryside of Vietnam. This comes before a subsequent commercial exploitation of the developed floating photocatalyst after finishing of the proposed project. The newly developed technology will have a wider applicability for cleaning different types of water. Beyond the scope of the project, its future employment in removing other environmental burdens, such as DDT contamination, is expected.

Main contractor:
Advanced Materials - JTJ s.r.o.

Other partners:
Ústav fyzikální chemie J. Heyrovského AV ČR, v.v.i.
Ostravská univerzita
Ústav anorganické chemie AV ČR, v.v.i.

Foreign partners:
Vietnam National University of Agriculture
Vietnam National University - Hanoi University of Sciences
Thanglong Chemical and Instrument JSC

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