In-situ gravimetric investigation of ion transfer and adsorption at the interface of two immiscible liquids.

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Proposed project focuses on in-situ gravimetric characterization of ion transfer and adsorption at the interface between two immiscible electrolyte solutions. Mass changes connected with the process occuring at the ITIES will be studied using electrochemical quartz crystal microbalance (EQCM) method. The attention will be paid primarily to investigations of formation and phase transitions of phospholipid monolayers at the water-1,2 dichloroethane interface. The influence of the phospholipid film presence and characteristics on the transfer of charged species (ions, bio-inorganic nanoparticles) will also be studied. The OQCM data will be compared with the results obtained using independent experimental methods (e.g. quasi elastic laser scattering, ac impedance) to obtain reliable and model of the phospholipid monolayers.

doc. Ing. KRTIL Petr CSc.