Multifunctional photoactive nanofiber materials

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In this project we plan to study a visible light activated polymer nanofibers doped with photosensitizers photogenerating cytotoxic singlet oxygen and/or other reactive oxygen species. Especially, we would like to focus on surface modification (by chemical or plasma treatment) of nanofibers prepared by electrospinning. The surface modification can greatly alter the (photo) active site, photophysical properties and photodynamic efficiency. The photoactive nanofiber materials with surface modification will be tested as photoxidizing, antibacterial, virucidal and light- triggered drug releasing nanofiber materials. New nanofiber materials will be tested in preclinical antibacterial study toward pathogens obtained from wound swabs of patients with acute burn or chronic wounds.

Goals:The aim of the project is to construct multifunctional photoactive nanofiber materials based on photosensitized generation of singlet oxygen and of other reactive oxygen species with unique physical and chemical properties.
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