Nanofibres producing singlet oxygen

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Grant Agency of the Czech Republic
Molecular Spectroscopy and Photochemistry.
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The research proposal focuses on the preparation, characterization and applications of novel functionalized textiles composed of nanofibres. Singlet oxygen, 1O2, is generated on the surface of these materials after absorption of light by sensitizers incorporated into nanofibres. The sensitizers can be used in very low concentrations, since one molecule of the sensitizer produces many molecules of 1O2 by repeated energy transfer. Deliberate combination of several sensitizers can enable effective utilization of light. Another way of 1O2 production is encapsulation of compounds reacting with 1O2 to form corresponding endoperoxides capable to release 1O2 after mild heating. The choice of nanofibre material will enable to control surface hydrophilicity, oxygen permeability, ability to bind 1O2, transparency and biocompatibility. Singlet oxygen is highly oxidative and cytotoxic species. These properties can be utilized for preparation of bactericidal and virucidal materials activated by light or heating.
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