New laser-based hybride technologies for thin layer deposition.

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The development of novel and modified thin film deposition techniques, study of their possibilities and characterization of discharge plasma is very important for creation of new types of thin films, multilayers, complex and doped layers, graded coatings, waveguiding films, nanostructures, etc. The improvement of present deposition systems, and construction of new hybrid deposition techniques, is necessary. Our attention will be focused on development of systems combining pulsed laser deposition witah concentrated RF and hollow cathode discharges, and magnetron sputtering. The RF biasing and laser modification of the film surface sill be also applied to inhance density and crystallization of the growing films. Formation processes in discharge plasma will be studied by diode-laser spectroscopy, OES, Langmuir probes and CCD camera. Films will be characterized by WDX, XRD, XPS, STM, SEM, Raman spectroscopy and spectroscopic ellipsometry. Microhardness and adhesion will be also tested.
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